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If you think about it, blue really is the color of compassion. It’s the official color of some of the world’s foremost charitable organizations, and it’s only blue that has a hue forever tied to nurturing and love: baby blue, of course. The true-blue agents at Coldwell Banker® live up to the brand’s compassionate color.

With programs like CB Heroes, which has raised millions for local causes, and the Homes for Dogs Project, which has inspired thousands of dog adoptions, Coldwell Banker is the brand for agents who want to do well and do good.

With the expanse of the blue sky, the depths of the deep blue sea and the Earth itself being known as the “Blue Planet,” there’s really no bigger color than blue.

And in the world of real estate, blue represents one of the biggest, best-connected brands: Coldwell Banker®.

There’s a reason why 91,000 agents across 47 countries choose Coldwell Banker as the best place for their real estate business.

With world-class resources, global brand recognition and powerful networking opportunities, blue is the brand for agents who want to achieve bigger and better things in real estate.

Blue is the official color of first place and the official color of Coldwell Banker®, the real estate brand that’s #1 in dollar sales volume.

It’s also the national brand that leads the pack in web visits and social media influence.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Coldwell Banker is home to some of the most successful agents around.


As the official color of Coldwell Banker, blue represents thinkers, dealmakers, innovators and doers, keeping you on the cutting edge with state-of-the-art technology and top-flight education.

Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate

486 SW Bluff Drive, Bend, OR 97702


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