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“The Coat”

by Craig Long

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s football games and school names were different.

It was SOC (Southern Oregon College), and they were the “Fighting Red Raiders”.

Political correctness came along; and it is now SOU, and the “Fighting Red Tailed Hawks”!

The Quarterback was Danny Miles, (former Hall of Fame basketball coach at Oregon Institute of Oregon).

Dan’s record 52 touchdown passes in a career, keeps him ahead of the current QB, by two touchdowns.

Craig Long’s obscure record of four interceptions in one game…1969 vs Eastern Oregon College, remains intact.

Long was SOC’s first All American wrestler, and NAIA Athlete of the Year in 1969.

The football warm-up-coat barely fits, and my college weight class will never again be met.

It was fun to meet with many of the past team members and receive this coat.

It was a great way to have records of nearly 50 years be retired.

There were some who attempted to set some new beer-drinkers records, but alas those too were unobtainable!!

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One Response to “1969”

  • Jim Bellingham
    Written on

    Those were quite the days. You didn’t mention all the other records you set that weren’t on the mats or on the field!

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